I am 23 years old and I have had acne in my T zone since I was teenager. I have combination skin, mostly oily on the T zone, and I've used Spectro Gel since high school but it doesn't seem to be working very well these days. I'm looking for good skin care products to use and how often to use them.

You need to take care of your skin in many ways other than just using skin products.

Limit time in the sun. Try to stay out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Use sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) number of 15 or higher.

Wear protective clothing. A hat with a wide brim can shade your neck, ears, eyes, and head.

Avoid tanning. Don’t use sunlamps or tanning beds. Tanning pills are not approved by the FDA and might not be safe.

As far as products go, there are 2 that are approved by the FDA, Renova (tretinoin emollient cream) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Erbium.

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I want to get my lips injected with whatever they use, I think it's collagen? Because my lips are so freakin thin,,, but I don't know about how much I should save or how often I need to get them injected.

Before an injection I suggest using cosmetics. If you'll be happy with the results then you can have an injection. And you don't need to pay too much for this little experiment, if you have 19,95 US you can try this: http://www.cushylips.com/?aid=414473

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My skin is terrible and i want to know how to get my skin perfect.

Most acne medications are geared to teens' oily skin, a bad choice for drier adult skin. Effective treatment often requires a trial-and-error approach that takes time. Here are my recommendations:

1. Cleansers: Cetaphil and Aquanil are the most gentle. Avoid too-strong gels and products containing beads or granules, which are abrasive and can irritate and worsen sensitive skin.

2. Creams and lotions: Use an over-the-counter retinol product to clean pores and help reduce fine wrinkles. Prevent discoloration and fade acne scars with products that contain salicylic and glycolic acids. And to spot-treat a breakout, use a product with benzoyl peroxide, which helps kill bacteria.

3. Prescription medications: The topical antibiotic clindamycin helps fight bacteria in the skin; so does tetracycline, another antibiotic, taken orally. Oral contraceptives and spironolactone, a blood pressure drug, can help balance hormones.

4. High-tech solutions: Laser and intense pulsed light treatments mainly target scars, but blue light therapy treatments kill acne-causing bacteria. These treatments are costly, though, so explore your other options first.

Please let me know if any of this information was helpful! :)

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http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com In this episode, Annmarie steals the show and talks about her favorite organic skin care line…


Check it out, this show is fun…

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World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David M. Amron, M.D. of “Dr. 90210″ and Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology in Beverly Hills, performs collagen lip enhancement procedure.

Collagen is part of the natural support structure of your skin. Wrinkles form when this natural collagen thins. This loss is mostly a factor of aging, but sun exposure, health, heredity and lifestyle also play roles. Without enough collagen, wrinkles and lines start to form wherever the skin moves. Collagen Replacement Therapy replenishes the skins collagen layer, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and adding definition to lip borders from the inside out. And results are immediate.

Collagen Replacement Therapy has been proven safe and effective for more than 15-years. Collagen implants are natural products derived from highly purified bovine collagen that is injected just under the surface of the skin. Like your own collagen, your body eventually absorbs this collagen so ongoing treatments are necessary to maintain results. If you discontinue treatments, the new collagen is simply reabsorbed and your face gradually returns to its natural contours.

While healing time varies, many people return to work the same day. People absorb collagen at varying rates, but treatments generally last 2 to 5 months. Two skin tests (two weeks apart) must be administered 4 weeks prior to treatment to screen for a preexisting allergy to collagen. Collagen is primarily used in the lips, smile lines and down turned lip lines.


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FANTASTIC product guys! I had to share this with you all. I highly reccomend this to all of you guys who suffer from acne, scars, uneven skintone etc. This product will not only have advantages of a makeup product; it will improve your skin giving you advantages of a skincare product too! It is affordable and gives excellent results.

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Do body and face lotions with these things really make a difference in your skin, or is topical application not enough? Is the collagen absorbed through your skin?

Yes and no. Yes, it will absorb, but the product that you are using it needs to be a highly concentrated form. And its expensive. So if you buy something is cheap…most likely it will be the 40th ingredient in it and not concentrated.

The best thing for collagen, vitamin C serum. That stimulates your own collagen in the skin.

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Like things to eat, things to use on my face, things to not use on my face, stuff like that. My skin seems to be going down the crapper at an alarming rate so i really need some advice at how to get healthy beautiful skin that i want.
What makeup should i use, i'm using covergirl trueblend and bronzer right now is it bad for skin?

GET ENOUGH SLEEP!!! That's the best thing to do but since we're pretty busy & our schedules probably prevent us from getting the sleep we need/want then you can try other alternatives :) Long run (though not necessarily the easiest and with the fastest noticeable results) – It's best that you drink plenty of water coz it cleans your body from the inside. Also, exercise is a must! When you exercise it allows your blood to circulate faster which is healthier and it eliminates your body toxins faster. Eat fruits and veggies if you can. Try to avoid salty foods. Shortrun (the quick and easy way) – use the right skin products. I suggest you use olay white radiance facial wash & moisturizer regularly. It helps aid in oiliness and helps lighten your skin. Also, bring oil control film all the time! It does wonders. For make up, you may want to try smashbox photo finish foundation primer then apply covergirl trublend minerals pressed mineral foundation.. if you want a lighter make up but still have some cover then go for shiseido the skincare tinted moisturizer protection spf20. Sunscreen is a must by the way.. I use nivea face sunblock. For blush on i say go for clinique or revlon floral affair sheer powder blush. :) I hope this helps :)

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Ive always wanted perfect skin but even when i try different products i still end up getting a zit right in the center of my forehead. What are they using to get such great skin???

hormones or how ever your raised by your parents

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How to make a natural facial mask for natural skin care; get professional tips and advice on naturally caring for you skin in this free beauty video.

Expert: Harmonie Krieger
Bio: Harmonie Krieger is the co-founder of Uniquely Chic, an image consulting business.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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Another CM of Kim Suna~ once again, i do not know the brand of it…

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I am 31. My face looks aged, my skin lost its radiance. so I started taking collagen supplements (DHC collagen) since two days. Can the soft and radiant skin can be obtained using this?

Who Knows? Who Knows?
I know what treatment quite dramatically did that for me and many others on Answers who have used it. It's the best proven safe and natural way.
I had so many severe skin conditions that would not respond to medicines and that lead me to experiment with natural, safe remedies. These not only healed the conditions but gave me an unbelievably flawless, healthy, young looking, vibrant skin so that I am often thought to be countless years younger.To maintain healthiness of skin and keep it young looking there is no better or safer way then thoroughly massaging with essential oils. They naturally benefit skin in countless ways. They feed skin essential beneficial nutrients. Thoroughly massage into skin and you will see marked results even in one day. Massaging quite vigorously is even better for skin tightening and giving you a vibrant, glowing and blemish fee skin. Don't be afraid of doing it vigorously. If done right it is only beneficial as many users on Answers will testify(see my B.A.'s) There is no pulling or stretching of skin as you have to tighten face muscles in order to tighten or flex skin in the part being massaged and in doing so it actually exercises and conditions many of underlying face (and some neck) muscles – thus combating aging and weakening of muscles that eventually leads to sagging and wrinkling and lines. Vigorous massage is best done by using a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers. Circular motion is less effective. In just a few days skin will visibly tighten, look and feel smoother and have a healthy glow . I promise you that it can to totally revitalize and rejuvenate skin and face. Try it – you will be happy that you did!

SOURCE(S): 20+years research into safe, natural treatments/cures to enhance skin, heal conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatment

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Whenever I go get my makeup done or get facials, the beauticians always say I have beautiful skin. What are they refering to? Are there specific traits that are associated with 'beautiful skin'?

Your skin is smooth, clean and clear, not dry or oily, few blackheads or pimples.

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I want a step by step thing to use at night, so what 3 or 4 products should i use step by step to get perfect skin? By Biore!!

Well I know the biore balancing skin mourstorizer prevents dry skin and makes skin soft. It doesn't make me break out eaither. But that's all I know for biore.

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My Skin Care Products

By · Comments (25)

-Olay Smooth Skin Scrub
-Complete All Day UV Moisture Lotion for Sensitive Skin
-Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream
-Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod Anti-Aging Triple Response System

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Fox News On Reseveratrol
Everybody is talking about anti-aging products and the new Resveratrol breakthrough.
The muscadine grape is the only grape with the extra chromosome. How Resveratrol and red wine activate genes for a longer and healthier life.
Dr. Joseph Maroon – The Longevity Factor
You want to purchase the book?
-On Page 193 Dr Maroon writes this on Vivix: There is growing evidence that a
combination of resveratrol and other potent polyphenols might provide
improved health benefits due to the synergistic properties of different
polyphenols from different plant sources. Shaklee Corporation, a direct
selling nutrition company has recently released a product called Vivix,
which is described as a cellular anti-aging tonic. It contains a
multi-source polyphenol blend. In conversations with the company, they state
that the blend includes 100 mg of 98 percent pure resveratrol from Polygonum
cuspidatum long with a proprietary extract derived from the fresh pomace of
muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) The company recommends 5ml per day of
Vivix, which they state is equivalent to the amount of resveratrol found in
100 glasses of red pinot noir red wine. The muscadine polyphenols in this
blended product along with the added resveratrol, European elderberry
extract, and purple carrot extract will increase the total overall
polyphenol content of this product. A month’s supply will cost a member
In Shaklee’s accompanying literature for Vivix, they state that the
Vivix ingredients were shown in a laboratory study to be 10 times more
powerful in slowing a key mechanism of aging than resveratrol alone.”

Also, on Page 70, the author expands on the value of the muscadine grapes
and the advantages over European grapes. “Muscadine grapes are native to
North America, and may be the only fruit that originated in the United
States and nowhere else. They grow almost exclusively in the southeastern
United Sates.
They thrive under adverse conditions, perhaps due to their thicker and
tougher skins compared to European grapes…. muscadines have an extra
(twenty instead of the nineteen other grapes have). These additional genes
allow muscadine grapes to produce a unique phytochemical, ellagic acid.
The ellagive acid polyphenol compounds that are in muscadine grapes are
vitually absent in other grapes. Ellagic acid is used by the muscadine grape
skin to make tannin called ellagotannins, whichis used as an antimicrobial
by the plant. Ellagic acid also has powerful antioxidant and anticancer
properties…. the polyphenols in muscadine grape skins have been shown to
have positive effects in heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes,
metabolic syndrome, and other inflammatory conditions. One of the more
interesting effects of muscadine products appears to be their inhibition of
AGE protein formation.”

Continuing, the author states:” Recently, a large nutrition, direct selling
company, Shaklee Corporation, working with scientists from the University of
Georgia, has created a product containing an extract made from muscadine
pomace which is the remaining fruit solids after the water content is
Specificaly, they are working with muscadine grape growers in order to
secure grapes with large amounts of protective polyphenols including ellagic
acid and resveratrol. By selecting muscadine grapes and by using a whole
grape extraction process, they have reported that their extract has a
significantly higher concentration of healthy polyphenols than found in the
skins themselves.”

The above are excerpts from the book “The Longevity Factor” The author
Joseph Maroon, M.D. FA.C.S. studied medicine at Indiana University, and
Oxford University. Dr Maroon is a world renowned neurosurgeon and former
president of the Congress of Neurological surgeons, the larges society of
its kind in North America. He is currently a professor and Heindl Scholor in
Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Interesting to
note: he is a lifelong athlete, competed in more than fifty triathlons, and’
three Hawaiian Ironman Championship competitions.

The book is heralded as a groundbreaking examination of new scientific
research that holds the secret to weight loss, increased strength,
endurance, memory,and a healthier, longer life.

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What is with Avocado oil that it increases the amount of collagen in the lips and how does it increase?

well it makes lips more kissable and plump.

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Hi, I visited Japan this summer and I noticed that the majority of the Japanese women had really nice and beautiful skin that was really white. Can anyone please recommend some of the skin products they are using?

most of the women use skin whitening products by nivea and other companies. they use tons and tons of sunscreen, some take milk baths once or twice a week.

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In June I am going on vacation to the Caribean. I need to have perfect skin so that I will look okay if I don't wear makeup to the beach. My skin is pretty good, but it's dry and I get a few breakouts. I also have dark circles under my eyes. I want to have beautiful, glowing skin.

Wash your face everyday, exfoliate once a week (or use a purifying mask every week) and drink lots of water.

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